Frank Lippert Consulting

StartUp and Launch Consulting with “HandsOn”

You have an innovative idea, a product or even a range of products in mind or maybe you have already developed it?

Perfect and congratulation!

You have the first positive feedback, what encourages you to professionally prepared your “baby” now for the market launch?

Now you need a partner who can help you with his experience in the German market, because he has already successfully implemented exactly these steps and decisions you are about to take.

I look forward to supporting you with my experience in a variety of ways – from conceptual projects to active participation in daily business and expert advice.

  • Support in the development of a strong positioning that differentiates you from your competitors

  • Support, recommendation and monitoring of the appropriate market research (qualitative and quantitative)

  • Definition of the core target group – who should buy my product?

  • Selection of the appropriate sales channels and customers

  • Development of a modern trade term system / price list

  • Determination of the recommendation Consumer prices